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Harpreet Suji

Harpreet Suji

Sr. Capital Program Analyst

Business Intelligence Expert

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Business Intelligence Transform

Business Intelligence Strongest Asset

We consolidate current and historical program data to identify potential risks and opportunities.

Business Transform Data Intelligently

Empower your teams with accurate project data to make sound business decisions.

Capital improvement programs cannot function properly when systems do not communicate. In addition, without a centralized view that accurately shares real-time data, owners are vulnerable to the risk of losing tens of thousands of dollars and possible lawsuits.

OnIndus Orchestra

Turn your project data into valuable business insights

OnIndus Orchestra delivers real-time analytic dashboards and trends using proprietary technology that can guide owners with data insights needed to improve the outcomes of any capital improvement program.

Gain Project Insights with the INTEL Roadmap


Gain Project Insights with the INTEL Roadmap


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