How a PMIS Managed Services Provider Elevates your Capital Programs

PMIS Managed Services

The construction industry has been paralyzed by fragmentation and a lack of automation for far too long. As a matter of fact, studies show that construction is highly decentralized and one of the least digitized industries in the global economy. Even though it is a massive $1.3 trillion business, in the roster of industries moving towards a digital future, construction ranks at the bottom – just a level above agriculture. However, in the span of just a few short years, the digital landscape in construction has evolved tremendously and is now steadily maturing in the US.

The construction companies have witnessed a dramatic rise in competition within the sector that has led many market players to turn towards customized technology solutions that are retrofitted to their unique requirements. As construction companies generally operate on a medium-to-large scale, they have to constantly reinvent ways to manage their expansive workforce that span multiple vendors, offices and functions across multiple locations, and dependency on complicated supply chains. So in order for construction businesses to streamline operations and enable transparency across all their teams, whether it is for site management or accounting and approvals, managed IT services for construction have become a necessary enabler.

What qualifies as Managed Services for PMIS?

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Over the past few years, the construction market has seen an influx of service-based companies – an acute departure from purely product-based companies. With a majority of companies already using some kind of a project management information system (PMIS) to handle their projects, project management systems were somewhat already considered a part of the service portfolio. Now with the industry moving towards a service-based landscape, Managed Services for PMIS or Project Management as a Service (shortened to PMaaS) has become a recent trend that many large construction firms have turned in favour of.

Managed services for pmis software comparison software can easily be articulated as an adaptable IT consulting service that allows the client to scale their construction management operations as needed, to fit their operational requirements. A managed services provider (MSP) is responsible to hire and manage any amount of consultants and technical experts to execute and streamline all project-related tasks in the client’s PMIS system. However, it should be noted that in this model, the client retains the responsibility for the project management office operations and its performance.

What services can your MSP deliver?

PMIS comes with plenty of tools and services that can be leveraged by a construction business handling multi-million dollar projects. Such firms are now slowly becoming comfortable with integrating pmis software comparison and translating their operations related to project and change management for IT automation. These functions require highly-specialized expertise which are often too expensive when hired in-house.

Therefore, in order to scale these operations seamlessly without loss of time and investments, a reliable managed services provider like OnIndus can deliver the necessary competencies and skilled resources to streamline the tasks and add value to the organizational process.

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A trusted managed services provider (MSP) who is familiar with the nuances and complexities of the construction industry can shield your organization against project delays and enhance operational efficiency. They can help you make optimum use of your PMIS software in:

  • Supply handling: The PMIS features a massive impact on handling the resources. A trusted MSP like OnIndus can provide tactics or methodologies for handling the existing systems and write customized codes to accommodate for new solutions.
  • Organizational change management (OCM): OCM is a vital factor in upgrading the operational efficiency and getting up to speed with the latest industry standards for process implementation. Choosing an MSP who has acquired knowledge and capabilities of OCM can cut down the spill-over rate and efficacy of new processes by a great margin. With focused PMIS training for every team member, construction firms can catapult their speed right from the implementation stage.
  • Outcomes with PMIS: PMIS organizes all the enterprise systems and databases so that your project does not fall out during the start, middle or the ending phase. A seasoned MSP with decades of experience in the construction management space can augment your business outcomes through customized PMIS strategies that are aimed to boost the operational performance.

Choosing the right managed services provider for PMIS can help you attain your construction business’s goals. By automating the monitoring and handling of your PMIS applications across the construction spectrum, a trusted provider like OnIndus can facilitate hassle-free collaboration between the stakeholder teams from a central dashboard, reducing downtime, amplifying safety measures and eventually improving your cost savings.

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